Lekhac 1.1

An innovative accounting tool for NGOs, NPOs & Voluntary organizations

Lekhac 1.1 is an accounting cum ERP software developed keeping in view the accounting, budgetary control and reporting requirements of the Not-for-profit entities. The software caters to the requirements of maximum output through minimum inputs. Once masters are created in proper way, there is minimal effort required in accounting entries leading to the different reports including financial statements, budget reports and reports required by various funding agencies. The software not only handles the accounting aspects of the NPOs, NGOs, and other such voluntary organizations but also help these organizations in decision-making by providing timely alerts for over-budgets, inventory control and many other user-friendly features.

Highly secured web-based operation providing flexibility to work from home and anywhere accounting


The software is highly secured and provides users flexibility to operate from home. Since the data and program is stored at users’ server, there is no chance of sharing of data to third party and thus confidentiality of accounting data is maintained at every level.

Multi User working possible without additional cost


With this software multi-user working is possible without any additional cost. Once a multi-user license is taken there can be as many users as required without any additional cost. The program is designed and developed in such a way that even if many users are working simultaneously there is no loss of speed and accuracy.

Real time updation of data on server

Budget Report

There is real time updation of data entered by the user on server which helps in quick decision making and enhanced controls over the accounting system. The managers can correct errors of the sub-ordinates in real time and can provide quality results on real time basis.

Branch wise Accounting possible


Now there is no need to have separate installation of the accounting software at the branches or different remote places. The branch accounting can be done at the branch itself without installing a separate software with only creation of branches and giving some specific user rights to the operator at branch who can punch the data on the Central Server from his remote desk.

Section wise, i.e., Funding Agency, Department/ Unit and Budget wise, entry of income and expenses


With this unique tool, each income, expense and fixed assets can be allocated to separate Funding Agency, Department/ Unit of the organisation and budget heads provided by the funding agencies along with natural head of income and expenditure and that all too in a single entry. This gives performance (Income & Expenditure A/c) of the organisation as a whole and also Funding Agency wise, Department/ Unit wise and also Location wise.

Location wise entry of income & expenses

Income and expenses

This is yet another special feature of this product. At entry level only, allocation of income/ expenses can be done to a particular area of operation of the organisation (location) which helps in management decision making. Location wise income and expenditure can also be generated without any additional effort.

Complete inventory maintenance of consumable items

stock report

This tool also gives the facility of maintaining the online inventory of the consumable items and that too with separate maintenance of records of inventory of these consumables. Direct effect on expenditure can be given at the time of issuing of a consumable item thereby making it hassle free maintenance of inventory records.

Real time alerts of overspent budget


Yet another feature of the product is the real time alerts of overspent budget item. The product gives red flags at the time of booking of expenses in a particular budget head if it is already exhausted.

Section wise financial statements can be generated.


With this accounting tool, financial statements can be generated in four different ways – (i) With natural heads for general stakeholders, (ii) for the provider of funds according to their budget heads, (iii) Department wise/ Unit wise – for internal appraisal in the organisation, (iv) Location wise – for organisation’s own decision making

Section wise budget reports


Likewise financial statements according to different sections, the software provides flexibility to generate budget reports also according to different section, i.e, funding agency wise, department/ Unit wise and Location wise which is useful in many ways for reporting to various stakeholders.

Handy reports for utilization certificates for funding agencies

budget Report

Different Reports are generated by the software which can also be customised according to the user’s specification. This helps a lot in providing utilization certification to various donors and funding agencies.

No need to prepare lengthy statements for TDS returns - reports can be generated on a click


Another unique feature of the product is that reports of tax deducted at source can be generated at just a click which provides various details as required for filing TDS returns as per Income Tax norms. Now there is no need to manually prepare voluminous excel sheets to file TDS returns.

Ready report for statement of donations in Form No. 10BD for Income Tax purposes.


With this software, a donation register can be generated which gives complete details of the donor like name, address, unique id given by him, amount of donation etc. which gives ready information to fill Form No. 10BD under the Income Tax Rules and this compliance can be very easily done.

Customization as per user requirements.


The product is user oriented and can be customised as per the user requirements which provides flexibility in operations and a hassle free accounting experience.

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