LekhaDesk 2.1

Complete work management software for Chartered Accountants

LekhaDesk 2.1 is an easy work management tool developed for office automation of Chartered Accountant professionals. The software is user-friendly, easy to operate, one of its kind and best in its class. This software gives CAs liberty to manage and track their work with a linkage to billing and debtors’ management. The tool helps CA’s in effective coloration between the team members and staff. This tool is designed in such a way that progress of each work allotted to the staff can be tracked and no work remains unbilled to the client.

Creation of clients master


Clients' full details such as name, address, email, mobile number, GSTIN and opening balance of outstanding amount (for first time users) can be entered together with the details of the user who is managing the particular client so that client master data is created at one place.

Full administrative control with different user rights


The software tool provides the user to create 'n' number of users with specific rights (viewing, supervision and Admin) to each user so that effective supervision and work management can be done with effective controls in place.

Work Allocation to staff


The tool provides facility for allocation of different works by assignor to different staff members with the details such as date of allocation, Parent Work and Child Work, Work description, etc. which appears directly into the staff's login id.

Work process track

work process

The software provides feature of tracking full records of work process such as all works, whether pending or completed, list of pending works and list of completed works. These all works can be tracked 'assigned by' wise, 'assigned to' wise or even individual client wise and thus performance report of assignor as well as assignee can be generated.

List of completed works


In this completed works module of the software, all the works which have been entered as complete by the assignee are shown. Here complete details are shown for a particular period as selected by the user. This module also shows the total time taken by the staff on a particular work which helps in billing to the client for a particular work.

Linkage of completed works with the billing to be done

The software helps in billing to client work wise and according to the time involved as it give the complete details of the work wherein for each work amount to be billed can be entered.

Billing of completed works to client with complete details of works

The tool provides the user the facility to generate bills through this software or write the amount to billed for a particular work and generate the bill manually or through any other mode which can later be entered in this tool so that no work remains unbilled. Moreover, billed and unbilled works can be tracked very easily.

Bills pending and bills completed

Once the amount to be billed is written against the work completed, the software list out the pending bills and once bills are prepared, list of completed bills is generated.

Direct email of bills to client

The software also provides a unique feature of generating, printing and direct emailing of bills to clients and thus there is no need of printing and sending the bills physically resulting into time and cost saving.

Bill wise receipt entry & printing of receipts with direct email from software to client

Just as each work can be billed separately so is the amount received from a client can be entered against each bill and receipt can be generated from the software itself or if manually or through any other mode receipt is generated, the same can be entered against each bill. Furthermore, receipts can be printed or email directly to the client, thus saving time and cost.

Client’s ledger showing all the works for a selected period

Another important feature of the software is generation of complete work ledger of client for the given period. This work ledger shows complete details of a particular client including the total works accomplished for him whether billed or unbilled, during a selected period helping the user in clients’ work analysis.

Client’s financial ledger showing amounts billed, amount received and outstanding as on date

The software tool not only tracks the work of a client but also links it to the financial aspect. Since each work can be billed and receipt can be issued through this software, it is very easy to generate the outstanding balance report of a particular client as on date or the overall debtors (outstanding balance report) of the user data which helps in sending the reminders for recoveries.

All reports direct printing or excel export

The software provides facility of filtration of data together with the export of the reports in excel format so that more analysis on data can be done.

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